Interview questions pt.3

Name a time when you have influenced a group of people? / Different Opinions


At vodafone, Our manager decided to introduce a new procedure for logging customer enquiries for phone repairs. This involved entering each contact into a new customer database system. My colleagues initially believed that this would cause them extra work and were resistant to using the new system. However, I believed it would be more beneficial

I led a team meeting explaining the reasons for the decision to implement a new customer database system and its benefit to the business. I demonstrated the system and showed how it would ultimately save time and provide better service to our customers. A few benefits that I raised, were, using this new system would no longer require us to store paper work into the cabinates which would not only be more enviiromental friendly, we would be more organised and also if a customer lost their copy of the paper work, we wouldn’t have to dig around trying to find it. Everything was now online although logging it in was slighlter longer, it made things easier in the long run.

Because I was able to provide a persuasive argument for the long-term benefit of the system, it helped gain acceptance amongst colleagues and they agreed, at my suggestion, to a trial period to test the benefits.

Within six weeks the system was fully operational and I was commended by my manager for addressing a barrier to change and helping to influence a cultural change amongst front line staff.
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