Vodafone case history – breakdown

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Vodafone Group plc /ˈvoʊdəfoʊn/ is a British multinational telecommunications company headquartered in London and with its registered office in Newbury, Berkshire.[2] It is the world’s 3rd-largest mobile telecommunications company measured by both subscribers and 2013 revenues (behind China Mobile), and had 434 million subscribers as of 31 March 2014.[3]

Vodafone owns and operates networks in 21 countries and has partner networks in over 40 additional countries.[4] Its Vodafone Global Enterprise division provides telecommunications and IT services to corporate clients in over 65 countries.

The name Vodafone comes from voice data fone, chosen by the company to “reflect the provision of voice and data services over mobile phones”.[6]


The evolution of ‘Vodafone’ brand started in 1982 with the establishment of ‘Racal Strategic Radio Ltd’ subsidiary of Racal Electronics plc – UK’s largest maker of military radio technology. By initiative of Jan Stenbeck[7] Racal Strategic Radio Ltd formed a joint venture with Millicom called ‘Racal Vodafone’, which would later evolve into the present day Vodafone.[8][9][10]


  • Vodafone is recognised as the largest mobile network in the world
  • Vodata is created as the ‘voice and data’ business to develop and market Vodafone Recall, the voicemail service
  • Vodapage is launched – providing a paging network that covers 80% of the UK population



  • Prime Minister David Cameron visits our Newbury HQto launch our £100 million retail expansion, including 1,400 new jobs and 150 new stores
  • After just a year,our ultrafast 4G network covers over 300 cities, towns and districts, as well as thousands of smaller communities across the UK, and the EuroTunnel
  • Vodafone WorldTravellerlaunches, enabling Pay monthly customers to take their existing UK minutes, texts and data with them to eight destinations across the globe, for just £5 a day
  • We kick-off theRural Open Sure Signal programme, offering 100 rural communities across the UK the chance to get 3G coverage for the first time
  • We successfully testVoice over LTE, a technology allowing voice calls to be carried across our 4G data network
  • HD (High Definition) Voicerolls out across the UK, providing crystal clear audio quality on calls
  • We acquire140 Phones4U stores and hire 900 of its employees after the retailer goes in


  • We launchJustTextGiving – providing hundreds of thousands of charities and fundraisers with a unique, personalised fundraising text code.
  • Freebee Rewardzis launched – a loyalty rewards scheme for Pay as you go customers.
  • Vodafone Guardiangoes live – a free app that helps parents keep youngsters safe on their mobile.